Team Pando
Team Pando
Team Pando: your modern PRD for the AI era
That makes engineering handoffs efficient, simple, and fun.
Modern software is too complex to let requirements float in disconnected docs, spreadsheets, designs, chats, and code
  • PMs lack any tooling to help them visualize the products they're building and align their teams
  • Designers have an impossible task of covering every scenario
  • Engineers struggle to link designs to written requirements and uncover lurking edge cases
  • QA is always playing catchup
The product team problem
The Team Pando Promise
We've all been there...
The Team Pando Promise
Critical details fall through the cracks
Where’s the design for the product page mentioned in the PRD?
Ah! Sorry, I missed that. I'll ping it to you.
Product Manager
I didn’t see that last interaction from the PRD in the demo yesterday. Did we miss that?

Team Pando organizes your team around the product they're building.
One team, one page.

Team Pando
The Team Pando
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